Loot.game SDK

Getting started

Loot.game is an innovative solution to help Video Game studios monetizing their games and assets.


Loot.game is very easy to implement. You will need a few pre-requisites to let you start :

Signup as a Pro

Signup to our service using the form here : my.mooniz.io/Mainbit/Auth/login?pro

Once logged, you will be able to declare your website or game. To do that, simply add a new service like in the picture above.

Sell your games and assets

To take full benefits of Loot.game SDK, you can start selling your games and extensions on loot.game marketplace. To do that, enter in the service of your choice and request an access to the marketplace section.

You will have to provide us with : + your game studio name + a description of your company and projects

Our team will review your request within 2 working days.

Getting your keys

When a service is created, Moonify generates 2 keys for you:

Important note : Never share your private or embed keys to any one, they are used to authenticate your app with the API.

You can find your keys, by clicking on “Show me my keys” inside your service like this

Depending of the SDK you are choosing, you will have to use the dedicated key : + You must use the Embed Key if

Integrating the SDK

Loot.Game offers you several ways to integrate our solution on your website :